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The teaching-learning process that our students undergo is based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory. Our students receive a personalized and permanent follow up from their teachers, the psycho-pedagogical cabinet and the directive team, whose objective is to maximize the personal skills of each pupil, respecting their own timings and keeping a permanent dialogue between school and family.

Through out this stage, our goal is to have the kids develop a harmonic integration of the conceptual, procedural and attitudinal contents. Also, aiming at the development of personal and social attitudes, in a way that our students can be tolerant, respectful, cooperative and helpful in the way they approach their own lifestyles.

1st, 2nd & 3rd grade

Students continue developing their English skills by accessing bilingual reading and writing, amplifying their vocabulary and naturally improving their pronunciation. In Second Grade, our students get ready for the Trinity College of London International Exams. In Third Grade, they start working with Science, History and Geography.

4th, 5th, 6th & 7th grade

From Fourth Grade on, English classes are divided in different areas: Language, Literature, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Geography, Science and History. Each class is taught by a specialized teacher. Also by this stage, our students sit for the Trinity College of London International Exams as well as for different exams from Cambridge University (Movers, Flyers, KET, PET). In Seventh Grade our students take the PET exam.

  • Portuguese: From Fourth Grade on, our students start learning a third language in a natural and spontaneous way, making Saint Gregory's School the first institution to introduce Portuguese in its official educational proposal.
  • Junior Achievement Programs: Our students actively participate in the programs implemented by Junior Achievement Argentina (economical and business educational organization whose objective is to educate and inspire youngsters by transmitting them idea that all their ambitions can become true if they are willing to become the architects of their own future). All the programs are undertaken in an interdisciplinary way thus helping to achieve a global comprehension of the business world and also contributing with the kids' preparation for their future insertion in the work market. Niños Unidos: In 2002 our students created a N.G.O with the intention of helping the needy. The N.G.O's structure is divided in different departments: Marketing, Purchasing, Selling, Production and Distribution. In this organization students gather their efforts, wills and ethic values while exercising their ability to help others.
  • Art: Our students complete the primary cycle having explored different artistic techniques and materials, as well as handling bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional shapes, recognizing their personal creativity and developing their own talents. Also, they obtain the skills needed to differentiate between important periods of art, with the ability to discuss, in a well adjusted vocabulary, their personal preferences and work as well as those of their peers. Through Art classes the kids are taught how to understand the motivations of different cultures, whilst exercising tolerance and critical thinking, and to relate them with the own personal experiences. By the end of the school year, our primary students take part of the school's Annual Art Exhibition.
  • Computer Studies: Students have access to a Computer Classroom where they have their classes under the specialized care of their teachers. Our students are given the tools needed to work with programs as WORD, EXCEL and POWER POINT. We understand that a computer is another didactic tool to be used in class, so each group finds an open work space in the Computer Classroom. By the end of the primary stage students can work with WORD, EXCEL y POWER POINT.
  • Library/Video-library: Our students and teachers have their own library, to which they have permanent access. As a way to encourage reading, from First Grade on, a "moving library system" is implemented between the families of each classroom. Also, a "Reading Marathon" and a "Book fair" are held annually.
  • Music / Choir: Our Music Department, staffed with specialized teachers, works together to develop a program that gives our students the skills and information needed to interpret music. The main objective of this activity is to motivate students to express themselves with happiness. Also, our students take part of several choir encounters and in the school's traditional Choir Festival.
  • Drama: The main goal is to use theater as a vehicle for group growth. Theater as an organized game of individual, group and social interaction contributes to motivate kids to be protagonists and to relate with the surrounding world in a spontaneous way.
  • Maths Olympic Games: Students take part in the Ñandú Math Olympics. Also, the Math DK Siclo Olympics are held by Doris Kaplan.
  • Chess: During Primary School the kids continue developing the game's strategies. All of our Primary School students participate in the Chess Tournaments for Parents and Kids.

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