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In this level, full time schooling is mandatory. Each class is taught by specialized teachers with their corresponding title degrees.

In the mornings, our students work in Spanish and in the afternoons in English.

Throughout the day, students keep developing their reading and writing skills as well as their overall knowledge. For this purpose, they are oriented and supervised by their teachers and our psycho-pedagogical and directive team.

Several resources are used in an interdisciplinary way. Also, students are introduced in the use of bibliographic material as they start investigating and amplifying their exploratory skills:

  • Computer class: Students can participate in Computing Science classes held by our Computing Cabinet. The main objective of this activity is the use of computers as a didactic resource and as a tool that teaches how to think. Different educational software and graphic programs for kids are also used.
  • Sports: Students continue solidifying their motor skills and get initiated in pre-sports games. Swimming: On Wednesdays, Pre-School students can choose to enroll for swimming lessons. Accompanied by our staff and our Sports Department they go to the swimming pool and enjoy their lessons in the water
  • Drama: Every week, our students participate of this activity that enriches their ability to express themselves and their communication skills within the frame of theatrical games. Together with their Drama teacher and with the helping hand of their own teachers, our students perform in the Annual Kindergarten and Pre-School Musical. This final production is a sample of the work done in English during the school year
  • Library/Video-library: Our Pre-school students have their own library, to which they and their teachers have permanent access. As a way to encourage reading, from Ducklings classroom on, a "moving library system" is implemented between the families of each classroom
  • Music / Choir: Work with musical instruments, singing and sound expression are introduce and by the end of the school year our students perform in the school's Choir Festival as a way to show their annual work in this subject. Our students also participate in the Math Olympic Games.
  • Chess: In this activity, our students learn the basic notions of the game as well as the name of the chips, their move and the game's strategies.
  • Lunch: Students can choose between the school's lunch system, specially diagramed by nutritionists, and the lunch-box system. Our teachers personally supervise lunchtime in both cases.
  • Articulation project: Different activities planned throughout the year, offer our students the possibility to familiarize themselves with new spaces and with proposal for the following level in a frame of contention and affection: everyday coexistence, Sports Field, Math Olympics, participation in school acts and literary, artistic and scientific activities.
    Our Pre-school graduates have solid tools and skills that will allow them to start primary school in our institution, showing a broad usage of English, an adequate stimulation towards writing and a great curiosity about reading and mathematical and scientific knowledge, all these framed in the idea of a respectful and cooperating human being.

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