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NGO - Children United

Our students created Children United in 2002. The mission of this NGO is to help the most needy.

Assisted by a group of mothers, students run the NGO themselves. The work they do here helps them learn, internalize and apply various kinds of knowledge and skills.

The NGO is divided into several departments:

  • Planning
  • Marketing and Production
  • Press and Communications
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Treasury

In this organization, students unify their ethical and moral values and attitudes and put to practice their capacities for solidarity with others.
This NGO is a vehicle of action and expression of the community life experienced at Saint Gregory’s. Participating in it are the students, teaching staff and families, who work closely together, as well as Escuela No. 41 of Del Viso, the Federico Falcón Paediatric Hospital and the Las Breñas community of the Province of Chaco.


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