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  • To motivate in our students their prime potential within the frame of their own possibilities, individual thinking and group values.
  • To obtain our students' correct usage of Spanish, English and Portuguese, both written and orally.
  • To foment our student's wish to learn by constantly motivating them to read, investigate, debate and develop ideas, defending their own and respecting those of others.
  • To help them work independently so they can develop their imagination and creativity and, also, to encourage their sense of team work and cooperation as responsible members of society.
  • To develop moral and ethic values accompanying their families so they grow up to be healthy adults capable of achieving a just equilibrium between obligations and fun.
  • To achieve sports practice as both a physical need and a character builder, stimulating fair play and sports competition.
  • To install in them spiritual sensibility, practicing it not only with the family but also within the community, strengthening the home-school relationship.
  • To teach them how to understand and comprehend their rights, obligations and civil responsibilities.

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