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Sport practice is considered a fundamental piece in the learning process.

Our Department is conducted by teachers specialized in the different sports that are part of our educational offer.

Our students start their sports activities in Kindergarten as a way to stimulate in them a sense of team work, discipline, effort and companionship.

  • Kindergarten: Through games, kids are introduced to body, space and time notions. Introduction to the basic notions of tennis.
  • Pre School: Introduction to the basic forms of movement. Pre-sports games. Tennis.
  • Primary: Students are motivated through gym classes and through the activities undertaken in the sports field lessons they attend every week.
  • First Cycle:
    - Development of the basic forms of movement.
    - Tennis.
    - Artistic Gym.
    - Athletics.
    - Introduction to team sports: Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball.
  • Second Cycle:
    - Team sports:
    - Hockey.
    - Rugby.
    - Soccer.
    - Athletics.
    - Volleyball.
    - Basketball
  • Houses: Every school student belNGOs to a house or team. Friendly competition is favoured through this system and it allows the members of a team to gain points according to their personal or group hability. For this purpose, several events are organized according to the different subjects or activities held in school (sports, artistic and intellectual). The members of a family belNGO to the same house.
  • Interschool Competition: Students participate in different tournaments and sports encounters with other schools with the double objective of implementing in the courts the things learned in class and representing their school.
  • Elite sportsman: At school we enjoy the visit of different sportsman, such as hockey, rugby or volleyball players of international level who practice the sports practiced by the kids at school.

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