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  • Camps: There are two Primary camps per year, separated by grade level.
  • Community Outings: In order to strengthen values through personal experience, our Community Outings are organized on a monthly basis. They provide students a chance to demonstrate solidarity with the needy and less fortunate.
  • Guided Tours: Students have a chance to build on what they have learned in class, taking in new, related experiences and practicing their skills.
  • Field Trips: The annual Field Trip for 6th and 7th grades takes students to a natural, historical and cultural destination, where they can apply their classroom learning to the real world within an educational and recreational framework of exchange between them and their teachers.
  • School Shows
  • Traditional Events:
    * Art Exhibit
    * Sports
    * Musical
    * Choir Festival
    * Grandparents’ Day
    * Open Classes
    * Book Fair
    * Chess Tournament
    * Family Day
  • Parents’ Tournament: During the school year, tournaments are held in which parents win points for their houses.
  • Choral Tour: Our Junior Choir tours to Mar del Plata to participate in a choral festival with children from other schools.
  • Grandparents’ Day: August is dedicated to a traditional festivity in which the grandfathers and grandmothers of St. Gregory’s students are the guests of honour. Various activities in Kindergarten and Primary focus on the grandparents, whose participation tends to be joyful and emotional.
  • Reading Project: The first part of each school year sees the launching of our Lending Library, and numerous other activities within the reading framework: a Book Fair, Reading Marathon! and Read & Tell.

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