St Gregory´s

PE Program

This program is intended to develop the pupils’ personality and to help them have control of their body and become aware of their health and of nature.

Our PE program is systematically implemented from K1 and throughout the primary level; it helps attain a good neurological organization and physical excellence and prevent possible difficulties in future learning. Kindergarten pupils are trained in mobility, manual capacity, balance and psychomotor skills.

Pupils begin with pre-sports games. We want our pupils to develop team work, discipline, effort and fellow spirit skills.

Result is never our ultimate goal of sports because we truly believe that result is the consequence of a comprehensive teaching process.

Sports at primary level are: Track and Field, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer. From Y1 to Y7 pupils learn the specific techniques of these sports.

Pupils represent the school in inter school tournaments, where they practise what they have learnt in class.

The PE program includes an Outdoor Activities Program which involves camping and other activities which help pupils interact, respect one another and cooperate, and value and care for the environment.