Our goal is to have pupils make the best of their emotional, intellectual, physical, artistic and spiritual potential with a comprehensive, global and bilingual vision in an encouraging, homely, yet challenging environment where individual differences are well accepted, respecting individual characteristics and promoting the education of responsible, critical and creative persons, who can change the world through knowledge, altruism, commitment and love.

Words by our Founder


Founder: Graciela Muñoz de Giargia
Institutional Relations and Finance: Fernando Giargia
Head: Carolina Alba
Head: Natalia Galarce
Kindergarten Coordinator: Maria Martin
Admissions Coordinator: Catalina Papavero
Management: Pilar Rodríguez Muñoz

Portuguese Department: Natalia Perrotat
Music Department: Diego Sarquis
Art Department: Veronica Longoni
Drama Department: Uriel Guastavino
PE Department: Agustin Correa
Educational Psychology Department: Sonia Gomez Villafañe

External Advisors:
Mariana Pons (Innovation and Technology)
Grace Vilar (Bilingual Literacy)
Andrea Pallai (Mathematics)


St. Gregory´s School first opened under the name Jingle Bells Kindergarten at the premises located at Serrano 1116 in Palermo Viejo, offering bilingual, co-ed schooling and personalized learning.
At first there were only fifteen pupils whose families embraced our tuition style and proposal to create a bilingual school, led by a professional staff that would instill in the pupils excellent personal and academic values enabling them to play their role in various environments and, basically, to lead a joyful and balanced personal life.

Opening of K-5.

Opening of Primary School, starting with Y1, with the subsequent addition of a new grade on a yearly basis.

The new premises opened at Serrano 1320 to accommodate the complete Primary level.
During that year Portuguese was introduced in the official curriculum as from Y4.

The NGO Niños Unidos was created to channel and organize the community projects that had been in place until then. The first class of Y7 completed their primary level studies by the end of that year.

Fiddle classes started to be delivered in order to develop musical skills, art sensitivity and discipline.

Since then, our school has grown on an ongoing basis year on year. Its first 25 years of history are featured by constant improvement, learning and commitment to pupils, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, community, in line with the school's proposed mission.

We are a community that learns and is in constant growth, fully convinced of the transforming power of education as the answer to current and future challenges. Within that framework, we are developing a transforming process for education innovation that enables us to offer a proposal suited to Century XXI needs in line with our institutional identity.

Since March 13, 2020, when lockdown was imposed in Argentina, we decided to continue our educational project online, using all the tools that were necessary to offer a top academic level.