St Gregory´s

Language Development

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The development of the Spanish, English and Portuguese languages is one of our core pillars through which pupils spontaneously and naturally acquire and master these three languages.

The approach to language development is based on three critical skills: oral, reading and writing. Oral skills, an effective communication, reading fluency and comprehension at literal, inferential and evaluation levels go hand in hand with the development of writing skills in the diverse communication genres.

The bilingual literacy process is based on the Phonics methodology which develops the two basic Literacy processes: language development and word recognition through letters and their sounds. This strategy is used in the three languages thus facilitating a more friendly process for children, bearing in mind that the three languages share the same alphabet though different phonetic codes (Sounds).

We believe that the capacity to communicate in a globalized world is highly important. We expose children to different experiences through which they can acquire clear and fluent oral skills in the three languages. Reading comprehension and writing are systematized through a reading and writing program which exposes children to various authentic texts.