This is the starting point towards children’s autonomy, systematic learning and social integration. Our objective is to develop in our pupils a curious, creative, ecological and thoughtful attitude that will accompany their processes throughout their lives.

We offer a caring, harmonious, appealing and aesthetic environment in a bilingual context, with a wide array of stimuli and challenges and an innovative and playful approach that inspires pupils to create and discover. We offer pupils the stimuli and opportunities to develop the tools they will need throughout their lives, through games and motivating activities that include all the aspects related to growth during the first years, particularly psychomotor development and sensorial integration, social and emotional skills and intellectual, artistic and technological skills that encourage curiosity and free and critical thinking.

As children consolidate their communication skills in their mother tongue, they learn how to do it in English. The purpose is to encourage them so that through games, songs, nursery rhymes, circle time, they joyfully learn English naturally and systematically and develop their skills to their best.

We promote a thoughtful environment and a curious attitude; we teach our pupils to question themselves.

At kindergarten, children learn to think by thinking, to draw by drawing, to calculate by making calculus, to paint by painting. Pupils go through all these experiences in order to acquire the proposed skills.

Our proposal is based on the Reggio Emilia teaching method, the theory of Multiple Intelligences, Early Stimulation, Teaching for Understanding and Visible Thinking. We add knowledge fields as a strategy to enhance the curriculum, such as: emotional education, play and flow, pupil of the week, hands on projects, portfolios, artistic languages, sense and psychomotor experiences.