St Gregory´s

Expressive Art

Our pupils explore different artistic languages, displaying their individual creativity and talents.

Through these different languages pupils may discover their inner world, enjoying art in all its forms and developing the capacity to express their sensitivity and imagination.


Our pupils have drama classes in English from K3 and throughout primary school. This activity helps develop body and language expression skills and acquire individual and group work habits. Pupils learn English in a more natural and entertaining way. The Annual Concert is the opportunity to enjoy this great team work, where pupils show the skills learnt in these classes.


Our pupils explore different art techniques and materials, and discover their individual creativity and talents. The main objective is to develop creativity through expression and the use of visual arts.

Pupils learn to distinguish art styles and movements and debate about their personal preferences in the adequate jargon, their own works and those of their fellow mates. They are able to understand the different cultural motivations, with tolerance, and connecting with their own experiences.