St Gregory´s

International Exams

Our primary level pupils from Y2 to Y6 take the Trinity College GESE oral exam, which is evaluated by external English examiners.

In Y7, at the end of primary school, our pupils take the Preliminary English Test (PET) for Schools of Cambridge University, where their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are evaluated by external examiners.


Pupils of higher grades have debating classes in English so as to improve fluency, vocabulary, general knowledge, critical thinking and learn how to express their viewpoints and accept others’ opinions. Team work, debating and speaking are strongly encouraged.


Our school was the first one in the City of Buenos Aires to introduce the teaching of Portuguese to the official curriculum. Our pupils start to learn Portuguese in Y4, and the aim is that they acquire additional communication skills necessary in a highly globalized world.

Classes are delivered by native teachers who not only teach the language but also the culture of their country of origin.Pupils take the CLE (Certificate of Foreign Languages of the City of Buenos Aires) exams, which are reviewed by external examiners and certify their knowledge of the language.

Community Service

Community service is carried out through Niños Unidos, the NGO created by St. Gregory´s School in 2002, where teachers, pupils and families cooperate to support different entities and communities.

Our aim is that our pupils are charitable spirit towards the community, that they play an active role through positive actions that have a positive influence on other people’s lives. We want our pupils to develop and strengthen empathy and to recognize themselves in the other.


We propose a space filled with musical stimuli and we follow the Suzuki method principles, using part of its repertoire in teaching the fiddle, the instrument we chose for our pupils.

Persuaded as we are by the founder of this method that as we can learn our mother tongue, we can also learn the musical language provided certain conditions are met, we gradually teach to play the fiddle to all children, younger and older, respecting their own pace and encouraging them to share these teachings.


All pupils belong to a house or team. This system promotes friendly competition and allows each pupil to earn points according to personal and group skills during the sports, art and knowledge events organized by the School. All the members of a family belong to the same house.

Green Team

We created our “Green Team” to arouse the interest of pupils in the environment and to create proposals that promote environmental care.

The proposal is to raise awareness in pupils, teachers and parents about the different aspects of environmental care. Taking into account our pupils’ interest in the matter, we encourage them to think and take positive action by implementing the 3 Rs rule: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

The aim is that our pupils play an active role at school and learn how they can improve the environment through initiatives generated by themselves, with emphasis on water, waste and power. Thus, we promote the participation of future generations in decision-making processes and the awareness of the importance of the environment in the everyday life of their families and communities.